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exibition world of games 2007


Dear colleagues23.03.2012
The "VIS-A-VIS SERVICE" Company continues to manage gambling business (see Management and contacts).
The equipment manufacture & sales is temporarily suspended.

We wish you success in your business!

New AR displays Multi-Graphik II09.04.2010

VISAVIS SERVICE specialists developed and tested successfully a new AR Display Multi-Graphik II.
New colorful and bright videos of the display make it an integral and adequate part of your casino.
Photos and videos of Multi-Graphik II are available in our catalogue.

New opportunities of our equipment10.02.2009

New opportunities of the Equipment Catalogue. VIS-A-VIS SERVICE catalogue gives you an excellent opportunity to watch new video demonstration of Multi-graphik, Multi-media 19'' and Multimedia Big AR Displays.

The new videotape recordings for Multi-Graphick Display26.01.2009

Personnel of VIS-A-VIS SERVICE company create the new videotape recordings for Multi-Graphick Display.
These new highly coloured and bright videotape recordings will reinforce the casino brand.

New chair with self return swivel Ludovik30.05.2008
Catalogue of VIS-A-VIS SERVICE company widened in new chair Ludovik for low tables. Made of hard wood, this chair has a self return swivel.

The long-awaited site translation08.05.2008
We inform you that our site has become available in English translation.
To read our site in English use -
To read our site in Russian use -

New table signs 06.05.2008
We offer you the newest Table Signs.
The new design of extra plaques are the unique pecularities of them.

Delta Comfort. New Chair Design.28.04.2008

Delta Comfort hair with self-returning swivel has been renewed! Now it can be edged with any finishing that will suit your casino design!

New Chair Line Europe18.12.2007
The range of our goods has been increased by the new chair line Europe. Its paramount design and the convenience for clients marks it out from the other chairs. Available in beech.

Casino Chips08.10.2007
Manufactured with a metal insert to offer a 11 gram weight, VISAVIS SERVICE Value Chips are the pinnacle of the current chip production.
Produced to the highest quality VISAVIS SERVICE offers a comprehensive and complete range of Color Chips.
We offer you Matsui and Abbiati Chips and Wheelchecks as well.

Roulette Wheels08.10.2007
VISAVIS SERVICE calls your attention to the widest variety of the Roulette Wheels. VISAVIS SERVICE customized wheels with veneer bowl and cone offer an excellent opportunity to add a further element of style to every casino. A quality wheel with an attractive price to match.

Playing Cards Discount29.08.2007
We have in our range the finest selection of playing cards patterned or plain back.
VISAVIS SERVICE starts the casino playing cards discount period. Playing Cards are available in two types of material: plastic coated paper and 100% plastic material. We can develop a customized design for the back of the cards using your casinos logo.

Raffle Drums29.08.2007
Nowadays its impossible to imagine a casino without lotteries. The essential part of it is a Raffle Drum. VISAVIS SERVICE is a major Raffle Drum Producer. We also customize any Raffle Drum with your logo.
In case you are interested in our products call us for more information.

New Lamps in Stock01.08.2007
VISAVIS SERVICE lamp range has been fulfilled with the new Billiard Lamp line. We have developed this product taking in consideration all peculiarities and requirements of this game.

Simplified Tables!20.07.2007
VIS-A-VIS SERVICE Company calls your attention to the Simplified Playing Tables that does not take part in the game. Call us for more information.

We are glad to announce that you can get some of our products at low prices. Call us and find out more.

Unexampled Sale31.05.2007
VISAVIS SERVICE calls your attention to the American Roulette, Poker and BJ layouts which are being sold at 600 rubles. More...

Imaginary Sale31.05.2007
Martin Williams layouts are being sold at knock-down prices.
American Roulette 100. Poker and BJ 50. More....

Weve removed09.11.2006
We announce you that we have removed to another office. Our phone numbers and e-mail addresses have not been changed. Our new address and map you will find at the . Contacts.

New American Roulette Display Models05.07.2006
VISAVIS SERVICE specialists have worked out the new American Roulette Display Models. All of them have been already tested. The winning number is identified by means of video camera.

New Table type Asia17.07.2006

VIS-A-VIS SERVICE Company range has been fulfilled with the new table type Asia. Its exquisite design and expensive decoration will draw everybodys attention and raise your casinos status.

New products in our range27.03.2007
VIS-A-VIS SERVICE products range has been filled with the Plastic Cards.

New products in our range22.11.2006
We have fulfilled our product range with the untwisted raffle balls. Plastic balls! For using together with our raffle drums.

New products in our range12.09.2006

We have fulfilled our product range with the Raffle Accessories. You may look through the list of them. We offer you the widest range of Gift Sets and Raffle Accessories.

World of Games Exhibition 200627.06.2006
VISAVIS SERVICE Company has taken part in the 2nd International Gaming Equipment World of Games Exhibition. We thank all our stands gests and we are longing to meet you next year.


The new chapter in our catalogue14.07.2006

The Wheel of Chance has become the new Chapter in our catalogue. Here you may get the useful information about our new products.

New products in our catalogue14.07.2006
We call your attention to the new table line LUX.
High-tech Chair Titan has been included in the chapter Tansy Swivel Chairs.

VISAVIS SERVICE - 10 years27.06.2006
VISAVIS SERVICE 10 years of incredible work. In the 30th of May 2006 we have celebrated our birthday in one of the Holiday Homes near Moscow.


Two new Chair Lines11.04.2006
Two new chair lines have been born. Their names speak for themselves: Altair and Caesar Chairs.

The brief report 2004-200521.02.2006

VISAVIS SERVICE has realized many casino equipment projects in Moscow, some cities in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States. They include:

  • Korston public entertainment centre in Orlyonok hotel complex. (halls of DE PARIS and VIP hall)
  • Premier Palace casino the hugest Kiev casino
  • Imperia casino VIP hall, Moscow
  • Imperial casino, Yekaterinburg
  • Golden Dragon casino, Bishkek, Kyrgyz
  • Misto casino, Kharkov
  • Alex Club casino, Chita
  • Cash Planet casino, Chelyabinsk
  • Park Palace casino, Cherepovets
  • Paradise casino, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Asia Casino (Moscow) is the hugest 2005 year project.

New chairs and table signs13.02.2006

The range of the chairs with self-returning swivel is becoming larger. Today, it has been fulfilled with two new chairs Delta-Comfort and Venice.

New table signs : Golden Glossy and Golden Mat.

We want to draw your attention to our new Roulette wheel Model. The wheel was manufactured for casino Altair. The wheel is painted with gold leaf and includes Jan Gaveliy engraving theme. The wheel has a turret with a crystal ball.

New brand means new opportunities!06.12.2005

We are glad to announce you that we have worked out the new type of layouts VENTURATM.

VENTURA Classic, Light field and Box are a synthetic gaming layouts. These cloths are available in the traditional range of casino colours: dark green, emerald green, african blue, caribbean blue, burgundy. As a result of a unique production process, we can now generate an infinite choice of graphics using the latest technology on our new VENTURA Special Cloths.

Splendid Gift Sets05.12.2005

On the threshold of Christmas and New Year we offer you the Splendid Gift Sets. Wonderful Spain cards with Playboy and Tolkien backs, Craps and Black Jack Sets, backgammon, chess will please your New Year Guests.

New Tansy Swivel Chairs20.07.2005

The range of the chairs with self-returning swivel is becoming larger. Today, it has been fulfilled with two new chairs Alfa, Alfa Gold and Delta.

New Roulette Wheel 20.06.2005

VIS-A-VIS SERVICE draws your attention to the High-Tech Wheel. Its modern design and the using of carbon will suit your operational needs.

New Table Signs and Displays15.06.2005

We offer you the new Fluorescent and Electronic Table signs.

New Table Line16.05.2005

Alcor Gaming Table has been created to please all your guests. Its modern design and convenience will suit all your operational needs.

The other side of Popularity10.03.2005

Weve got some information about people who come to different cities and introduce themselves as our regional representatives. Some of them create companies and call them Vis--vis (something). Our company does not account for these companies and their products. We ask you to inform us about this in case such companies appear in your casinos. Please call us and ask for Ilya Nikolaevich, he will tell you whether this person/company has or has not any business relations with our company.

VIS-A-VIS TV or there is something to draw your attention!21.02.2005
New informational program VIS-A-VIS TV dedicated to the gambling was successfully presented at the EELEX-2004 Exhibition. The aim was to show the new project that was worked out by VISAVISSERVICE.

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